Across the Highway A-8 and taking the Exit 363 towards Villaviciosa.
In Villaviciosa, to take direction(address) to Oviedo for the road AS-113 (AS-267). To approximately 2 Km from Villaviciosa to take the shift to the right that indicates GRASES, NIEVARES, ROZAES. Approximately to 1 km the diversion takes that we think to the left side that it(he,she) indicates CAMOCA.
Approximately to 1 km we find a cartel to the right that it(he,she) indicates IT(HE,SHE) WATERS IT (it is necessary to pay attention, the cartel is exactly in the detour that we have to take and one is not OK). To continue for this way and the 1 takes ª shift to the right that indicates FERTILE PLAINE.
At the end of this way one finds HOUSE LOLO.