It(He,She) ploughs those that want to know some kind of mas of the environment of Asturias and of it(he,she) surrounds us, they can enjoy visiting the Church of Camoca's San Juan (13th century), the Convent of Valdedios's Santa Maria (13th century) and the church of San Salvador (1st century) placed to approximately 4 Kms.

Between(Among) Colunga and Ballasts to 15 minutes, it is interesting to visit the Museum of the Jurassic one of Asturias, which adopts the form of a great fingerprint tridáctila and gathers the most complete and didactic sample of the world of the dinosaurs s



In Villaviciosa's Council we can enjoy numerous beaches, but special mention deserves Rodiles's beach, placed to 10 minutes we will be able to enjoy a majestic beach all kinds of services..

To scanty 20 minutes we meet the Viewing-point of the Fitu to 1.200 meters of altitude and you upset approximately 5 km from the Sea, from this one in the sunny days we will be able to remove in the horizon from Ribadesella up to Gijón.


Of obliged visit it is also Europa's Beaks(Peaks) to 45 km, the Museum of the Mining industry, the Museum of the Cider and the Aquarius of Gijon, or the majestic ancient city of Oviedo.